Contract Paraplanner

If you are looking for an outsourced paraplanning solution than we can find the perfect Paraplanner for your needs.  With over 200 Paraplanners in our network we can align you with a dedicated Paraplanner who will be able to work specifically with your advice practice and become familiar with your advice document and licensee requirements.

How does contract paraplanning work?

Using tools available on the internet, Advisers can now allow their paraplanning team to work remotely while still having immediate contact and the ability to talk directly to their team working on their statement of advice requests.


How contract paraplanning works

Do I need to commit to sending requests in each week?

Not at all, once you sign up for a contracting service you can use the service whenever it suits you to, there are no lock in contracts.

How does the Paraplanner access my software?

The best solution is to have an additional username for your contract Paraplanner, this allows you both to be logged into your software at the same time.

What are the costs for set-up?

There are no set-up costs associated with our contract paraplanning service, you pay for the service on an hourly rate based on your statement of advice requests.

How do I liaise with my Paraplanner?

Once your account is created you are assigned dedicated Paraplanners who will work with you on your specific requests.  This ensures you are able to deal with the same Paraplanner over and over again and communicate with your dedicated Australian paraplanner via phone, email, comments and chat messages.

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